Industrial Age  [工业时代]


Eternal and Transient  [瞬间与永恒]
时钟 [clock]
600 x 250 x 30 cm
Video link :  (中国)

This project, titled Eternal and Transient, is a work exploring the concepts of ‘time’ and ‘boundary’. This work consists of 190 clocks, and at two specific points in the day, the hands of the clock will align to form a series of Chinese characters.

This idea developed from an initial experiment with the idea of the ‘boundary’. I thought about the boundaries of time, and I used the clocks to develop the idea. Time is a virtual concept, but the clock is not, so I used this specific form of the clock to show my virtual idea.

Time is always in motion; we have no way to stop time. I used this quality of time to work for me, as my work has a unique relationship with time. At a certain moment, the 190 clocks will align to form the pattern of the words, which is the moment in which my work is visible, but the next moment, my work will not exist. In 24 hours, my work is visible only twice. After it has been seen, the words will disappear, only to appear anew 12 hours later.